PIY Eurotrip – Castles, Cascades, and the Black Forest May 29 – June 6, 2019


PIY (Pay It Yourself) 7-Day Trip Featuring Castles, Cascades, and the Black Forest.

Beginning and ending in Munich, Germany, we will travel through Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria in search of Castles, Fortresses, Palaces, Medieval towns, and some incredible motorcycle riding.

Join Jim Foreman, Laura Ruddy, and locally based riders as they share their intimate knowledge of the region.

This trip is a Pay-It-Yourself trip.  That means you save huge money when you purchase your airfare and your motorcycle rental. Enjoy the added benefit of a group rental discount with a booking code.

You also pay directly for hotels, meals, and drinks.  Savor the benefit of enjoying a ‘non-tour’ trip and having plenty of money to spend on extra days before and after the trip.

The price is per motorcycle and is the same whether you are traveling solo or with a partner/passenger.  There is a limit of 12 motorcycles per trip.

If you are a previous participant of any Authentic Moto Travels trip, please use coupon code “Euro20” for a 20% Loyalty Discount.

This adventure begins in Munich on May 29th.  We will return to Munich a week later on June 6th.

The actual costs for this trip are estimated high.

-Daily Hotel, Fuel, Food, Drinks, Tolls $180USD (Much closer to $140USD/day but plan for some fun)

-Weeklong Motorcycle Rental (Varies) €825 for a BMW F 750 GS to €1200 for a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.  See Bike-Travel-Service‘s price list.  Insurance is included.  €500 refundable insurance deductible deposit required.

-Flight (Varies) $700 – $1800 Round Trip.  Please ask how to get to Munich from the USA inexpensively.

SECRET TIP: Fly roundtrip to Paris from the USA.  It’s one of the least expensive international destinations.  Then book an (EU) domestic flight from Paris to Munich.  Do consider enjoying a couple of days in Paris while you are there.

This means that for less than $3800 including airfare, you can travel Europe by motorcycle with professional and experienced guides taking you to breathtaking, historic, and wonderous destinations.  That’s over $2000 less than the other guys.

For answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about this Eurotrip, please go to the Eurotrip FAQ Page.

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Enjoy a fairy-tale trip through Europe’s most enchanted, and beautiful roads and destinations.


The route is subject to change based on weather, road conditions, or unforeseen circumstances.

BMW Welt
May 28-29  Arrive in Munich and enjoy the city.

Visit BMW Welt and Museum along with the beautiful city center.

BMW Motorrad Zentrum München
May 29 Munich, Germany

Meet at BMW Motorrad Zentrum München at 3pm and pick up your rental Motorcycle.  The trip will begin May 30th.

May 30 Munich, Germany

Depart on Motorcycles to Nuremberg taking the Autobahn and the backroads.

Nuremberg Center
May 31 Nuremberg, Germany

Depart Nuremberg for Rothenburg ab der Tauber.  Rothenburg will seem very familiar as it was what Walt Disney used as a town model for most of his early animated films.  The current Disney Grand Logo is based on an overview of Rothenberg.

Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber

From there we travel to Würzburg to visit the Residenz Würzburg (Wurzburg Palace) and Festung Marienburg (Fortress Marienburg)

Festung Marienberg
Residenz Würzburg
June 1 Würzburg, Germany

The group will depart Würsburg and take backroads along the Burgenstraße (Castle Road)

Heidelberg Castle
Schloss Ludwigsburg

We’ll visit Heidelberg Castle in Heidelberg and Ludwigsburg Palace in Ludwigsburg.

Mercedes Benz Museum – Stuttgart
Porsche Museum – Stuttgart
Johanneskirche am Freuersee – Stuttgart

In the afternoon, riders can choose to visit the  Porsche Museum, Mercedes Benz Museum, or Johanneskirche am Freuersee.

That evening we will regroup at Motorworld Stuttgart and stay at the V-8 Motel

June 2 Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart marks the beginning of the Black Forest.  We will make our way along backroads toward Strasbourg, France.  Along the way, we’ll visit Brahms Brunnen.  This little-known place is a series of cascades that Johannes Brahms would take love interests.  While enjoying the delights of passion, his mind became filled with inspiration for compositions.  Who knows what orchestral arrangements you will create here?

Brahms Brunnen

Strasbourg is a wonder in itself.  We will take our time getting there exploring deep into the Black Forest.  In Strasbourg, one can enjoy the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, Kléber Square, or the Fischer Brewery.

Traditional half-timbered houses in La Petite France district, Strasbourg, France
June 3 Strasbourg, France

In the morning, we will head back into Germany and visit Triberg.  Triberg is the Cuckoo Clock Capitol and also the sight of Germany’s tallest waterfall.  We’ll even ride through some spectacular roads on the way to Titisee and also visit the incredible Hohentwiel Fortress ruins on our way to Stein am Rhein.

Laura Ruddy at Triberg Wasserfall
Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins
Ariel shot of the magnificent Hohentwiel Fortress


June 4 Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

Switzerland offers picture-perfect sights and excellent roadways as we make our way through.  We will ride through Zurich and along the lake Zurichsee.  The group will continue through the tiny country of Liechtenstein, Austria and end up in Schwangau, Bavaria.


Zurich, Switzerland
June 5 Schwangau, Bavaria

Schwangau is home to two castles.  The first and older castle is Hohenschwangau.  The second is Neuschwanstein Castle.  Neuschwanstein is the image most people conjure up when thinking of grand castles.  Since seeing interpretations of Neuschwanstein in Walt Disney’s Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, the inspiration is obvious.

The original castle at the site, Hohenschwangau
Ludwig II’s dream castle Neuschwanstein
June 6th Return to Munich

We’ll leave Schwangau early toward Munich, on the autobahn.  This way we return the bikes in proper time and the second weeklong trip can begin.

If you wish, you too can continue with your motorcycle rental onto the next trip.  Book “Alpine Passes – Famous, Infamous, and Secret Journeys” starting June 6th from Munich for only $700 USD more.  Use coupon code “TwoWeeks”