Ensenada Beer Fest 2020 – July 9-12


Probably The Single Best Reason To Spend A Weekend In Ensenada.

Beer Fest is an incredible event that draws people from all over the world.  It’s a festive celebration filled with music, food, friends, and some of the best beer in the entire world.

2020 marks an expanded 4-day/3-night relaxed itinerary including both Friday and Saturday of Beer Fest.  Last year was a memorable adventure.  This year will be the best, yet!

If you’re not that into beer, it’s no problem.   There are 12 wineries, 20 gourmet food offerings, and 7 distilleries there as well.  The event also features five stages with impressive performances throughout the evening.  Beer Fest is a warm and friendly environment that draws the best of the region.  Anyone who gets messy, disrespectful, or out of hand, is promptly removed.

We’re going to ride and enjoy the region by day, chill in the afternoon, and then celebrate throughout the night.

If you love beer, and you love motorcycles, Beer Fest 2020 is a can’t-miss event.

Authentic Moto Travels promotes responsible behavior.  We take ground transportation to and from events and locations that include adult beverages.

Authentic Moto Travels Beer Fest 2020 is a “Nearly All-Inclusive” trip.   The cost includes deluxe single-occupancy accommodations.

Admission to Friday AND Saturday of Beer Fest is INCLUDED!

Price Includes:

  • 3-Night Deluxe Hotel Accommodations
  • Full Beer Fest 2020 Admission (Sat-Sun)
  • Savory breakfasts
  • Delicious lunches
  • World-class dinners
  • Ground transportation
  • Tolls
  • Guided on-road travel

Your only costs are Mexican Insurance, fuel, purchases at Beer Fest, and any extra-curricular activities.

Passengers are welcome.  If you wish to share a room with another rider (2-Beds), please select that option and make sure the other rider registers within 24 hours.



Ensenada Beer Fest 2020 Itinerary

2020 marks an expanded 4-day/3-night nearly all-inclusive experience in Ensenada.

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

1 PM-  Depart Chevron at El Toro Road and travel to the border.

Afternoon- We’ll enjoy lunch and walk downtown Ensenada.

Evening- Dinner at La Esperanza Baja Med

Friday, July 10th

Morning- Riding awesome roads around Ensenada

Midday- Lunch

Afternoon- Chill/Siesta

Evening- Dinner and Beer Fest

Saturday, July 11th

Morning- Explore Ensenada/Optional Riding

Midday- Lunch

Afternoon- Chill/Siesta

Evening- Dinner and Beer Fest

What’s better than one night at the Ensenada Beer Fest?  That’s right, it’s two nights at the legendary event.

Sunday, July 12th

11:00 am-  Check out of hotel

Lunch- at Mustafa’s

Afternoon- Leaving Ensenada, we’ll take an exciting ride through the wine region.  From there, we ride up to Tecate and cross the border.  Since motorcycles are awesome we go straight to the front of the line.   Crossing back into the USA only takes us about 20 minutes.

La Esperanza Bajamed


Rider and Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero crafts some of the most exquisite meals in a perfect winery setting.


There’s more than beer and wine in Ensenada. There’s excellent riding, too.
Explaining the different wines at Viñedos de la Reina.
The 2019 Authentic Moto Travels Ensenada Beer Fest Team



Incredibly, Tom sheds 30+ years at Beer Fest 2019
Adam and Lina are displaying their favorites, so far -Beer Fest 2019.
Border Psycho is one of 125 breweries at BeerFest.
Peter approves of Beer Fest 2019.
Incredible performances abound throughout four stages at Beer Fest 2019.


Enjoying Mustafa’s is an honored tradition.


Every good moto adventure has to start or end at Starbucks.