17 Day Mexico Adventure – Chihuahua 2019 All-Inclusive (Mostly)


 17 Days of Epic Riding Including the XXIII Convención Internacional – Chihuahua 2019

All-Inclusive (Mostly) with Shared Accommodations

September 22, – October 8, 2019  Travel through Pueblos Magicos, Copper Canyon, and Three of the Top Six Motorcycle Roads In Mexico!  Now with an Off-Road Option!

Sunset in Cosalá

Mexico is a land of wonder, discovery, history, and culture.

Waterfall along Mil Cumbres outside of Morelia.

Last fall, the 2018 Mexico trip to the convention in Morelia exceeded all expectations.  Positive memories of the friendships and experiences continue to resonate.

This year, the adventure begins in Tucson, Arizona on September 22nd and returns to Tucson on October 8th.

For the first time, Authentic Moto Travels is pleased and excited to announce an awesome Off-Road Option taking you through Copper Canyon.  We’ve partnered up with a Mexico-Based ADV Guide who will lead up to six riders safely through this majestic canyon.  Destinations will include Cerocahui, Urique, Batopilas, Guachochi, Cañón de la Sinforosa, Parque Kokoyome, and Areponamichic before meeting the main group again in Creel, Chihuahua.

The trip is Mostly All-Inclusive.  This means your fee includes shared-accommodation Hotels*, Dinner with drinks, Tolls, any ground transportation like shuttles or taxis, the  Convention, a commemorative shirt, and 17 days of expertly guided international motorcycle travel.  The only things you will have to pay for is Mexico Motorcycle Insurance, Tourist Visa, (TVIP)Temporary Vehicle Import Permit+deposit, fuel, lunch, snacks, and extra partying.

Think about that for a moment.  You’ll be on a World-Class International 17 Day Motorcycle trip for under $3200.

*With shared accommodations, you’ll be paired with another rider to share a double (two beds) room.  Every effort will be made to pair riders with another like-minded rider.  If you prefer your own room, please choose the Single Occupant surcharge.

Motorcycle Rentals Are Now Available

Authentic Moto Travels has partnered up with Bike Adventure to offer Motorcycle Rentals in Mexico.

Now you can rent a current model motorcycle at the border in Nogales, Sonora for this incredible 17 Day Mexico Motorcycle Adventure.
This is exciting news for riders who wish to use a rental bike.
We’ve secured a very special rate of $125(USD)/Day for a new 2019 BMW R 1250 GS, which includes insurance. Other models may also be available.
All you need to do is provide your Credit Card, Copy of your Passport, and Driver’s License.
Bike Adventure is a fully authorized BMW Motorrad Partner and a trusted source of motorcycle rentals throughout Mexico.

Authentic Moto Travels is the leader in full-service adventures through Mexico.  We provide professional guides, a detailed itinerary, all hotel and dining arrangements, excursions, activities, and safe travels throughout the interior of Mexico.

This trip includes an incredible day spent riding El Espinazo del Diablo, one of North America’s most magnificent riding roads.  The Devil’s Backbone features over 130 miles of relentless curves and elevation changes.  We will visit the nationally recognized Pueblos Magicos of El Fuerte, Cosalá, Batopilas, and Creel.  We’ll also travel to Hermosillo, El Quelitle, Mazatlán, Durango, Parral, Copper Canyon, and the host city for the convention, Chihuahua.

All that’s required is a passport and a motorcycle.  All participants receive full details and specific instructions for the trip.

Under no circumstances should you miss this fantastic adventure.  Hurry, this journey is limited to 10 motorcycles.



Without a doubt, this is the best way to experience real Mexico and all of its breath-taking beauty, rich history, and warm culture.

Panoramic View of the Cascada de Basaseachi

2019 17 Day Mexico Interior Adventure Itinerary

Saturday, Sept 21        Meet in Tucson, AZ (Group Dinner)

Sunday, Sept 22        Tucson –Hermosillo 241 Miles – Get Visa and TVIP

Monday, Sept 23        Hermosillo – El Fuerte (Pueblo Magico) 300 Miles

El Fuerte, Sinaloa

Tuesday, Sept 24          El Fuerte – Cosalá (Pueblo Magico) 278 miles

Tuesday, Sept 24 Off-Road riders split at El Fuerte through Copper Canyon.

Wednesday, Sept 25          Cosalá – Mazatlan 110 miles (Lunch in El Quelitle)

Panoramic view from the world’s tallest cable-stayed bridge. Puente Baluarte

Thursday, Sept 26           Mazatlan Rest Day (Ride to Puente Balluarte)

Friday, Sept 27           Mazatlan – Durango 200 miles (Via El Espinazo del Diablo)

Saturday, Sept 28           Durango – Parral  255 miles

Sunday, Sept 29           Parral – Batopilas (Pueblo Magico) 212 Miles

Tadd, Peter, and Mark at the bridge leading to Batopilas

Monday, Sept 30       Batopilas – Creel (Pueblo Magico) 140 Miles (Meet Off-Road Group)

Tuesday, Oct 1          Creel – Day at Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon)

Wednesday, Oct 2           Creel – Chihuahua  160 Miles

Thurs-Sat Oct 3-5       XXIII Convención Internacional Chihuahua 2019

Sunday, Oct 6          Chihuahua – Basaseachi  180 miles

Panoramic View of the Cascada de Basaseachi

Monday, Oct 7          Basaseachi – Hermosillo  260 miles

Tuesday, Oct 8         Hermosillo – Tucson, AZ 244 miles

Motorcycle Requirements and Practices

Riding in Mexico requires an intermediate skill level or better to be safe.  We ride at or slightly faster than the flow of traffic.  Therefore, please be comfortable traveling on highways at speeds of 85 mph.

Lane sharing is commonly practiced in Mexico.  We will keep lane sharing to a minimum.  If traffic becomes stopped, the leader will look for a safe means to get through and past the obstruction.  It’s better for us and Mexican traffic is comfortable with it.

Please be comfortable passing slower vehicles on the left.  Make your passes quickly and safely.  Please keep full visual contact and make sure you have plenty of room to overtake the slow car or truck safely.

Authentic Moto Travels practices a relaxed formation for group riding.  We don’t use dozens of cryptic hand signals.  We also don’t treat riders like cattle, on a drive to auction.

In cities, we ask that the group stays somewhat tight together.  Please be courteous and let a merging car in.  Don’t hesitate to move around other vehicles, when safe, to rejoin the group.  Stop lights are a great place to do this.

On the open highway, keep a relaxed staggered formation with a minimum of 2 seconds behind the bike in front.  Please, don’t put a considerable distance between you and the rider in front of you, because it will place a significant burden on the leader to keep the group safe.

When riding on curvy roads, please ride single file.  Try to keep the rider in front and behind you in regular visual contact.

Rider safety is the primary concern.  Authentic Moto Travels enjoys a stellar safety record because the emphasis is always on safety.

All riders are expected to ride within their skill level.  Riding in Mexico is a little looser and freer than in the USA, it’s critical that you remain well within your skill set.

All of Authentic Moto Travels adventures are on-road and on-pavement.  Occasional detours and specific excursions on hard packed gravel or dirt may occasionally happen.

Please note that topes (speed bumps) are used to control speed on many streets.  There is no standard in size.  Many are marked, but some are not.  Some bikes with a low clearance may have difficulty clearing the apex of some topes. Most of the topes are no problem, but an occasional few may require some finesse or specialized tactics.  The same also goes for distressed roads.  Every effort is made to warn riders of upcoming topes, obstructions, or surface irregularities.

The route and itinerary are subject to change based on weather, safety, or road conditions.

Authentic Moto Travels is honored to be the Official Motorcycle Travel Company of the XXIII Convención Internacional Chihuahua.

For all of Authentic Moto Travels current offerings, please visit the Upcoming Trips page.

Local children are thrilled to sit on a bike.
Statue of Zorro in El Fuerte
Indigenous people near Batopilas
A First Class gathering with amazing friends at Talento in Chihuahua
Breakfast in Batopilas

Indigenous woman selling locally crafted items.
Talking with an indigenous woman
Mexico’s 2nd tallest waterfall.