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Authentic Moto Travels Owner and Operator, Jim Foreman

Authentic Moto Travels is a unique travel company that offers high value at affordable prices.

Not everyone wants their moto adventure to be at a beginner’s pace with chase vehicles, spare bikes, and overpriced amenities.  At Authentic Moto Travels we value your skills as a rider and your capability to handle a multi-day ride without a nanny or babysitter.  Average days range from 250-400 miles depending on the destinations and terrain.

You also ride your own motorcycle providing you with comfort and familiarity you have spent countless hours mastering.  Of course, in most cases rental bikes are available and we will work hard to facilitate motorcycle transports for those coming from far off lands.

We respect your abilities,  your sensibilities, and most importantly, your wallet.

Some tours are set up as nearly-all inclusive.  Others are PIY (Pay It Yourself) where you pay a flat guide/trip fee and pay your way as you go.  That way, you decide how much your adventure will cost.

Any way you look at it, Authentic Moto Travels is a great choice for true adventurers.