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Jim Foreman, Owner and Operator of Authentic Moto Travels on the Rhine River

Since 2016, Authentic Moto Travels develops and leads high-quality full-service tours and adventures.

If you or you and a group of friends want an incredible adventure, Authentic Moto Travels is here.  AMT specializes in discrete, custom tailored adventures ranging from one weekend to three months, throughout the world.  5-Star to 1-Star and everything in-between, You decide how you want your trip to go.
Count on expertise in Europe, USA, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and much more!  It’s all about you and your group.
Authentic Moto Travels has evolved to serve unique and individual groups.  Count on the team’s discretion.  Clients routinely request NDAs to ensure privacy.
Since 2021, several high-profile clients have relied on Authentic Moto Travels to lead specialized full-service tours and adventures for them and their friends.  AMT is here to make your trip an incredible adventure, no matter who you are.
Not a motorcyclist?  It’s no problem.  Authentic Moto Travels also leads groups in cars, vans, and in party busses.  No destination or experience is out of reach.
Whether it’s a group of friends, company team building, executive retreats, bachelor getaway, or bachelorette party, Authentic is your source for unique, memorable, and exciting adventures.
Contact Authentic Moto Travels today to talk about your trip ideas and make them come to life.

Because travel matters now, more than ever, don’t put off a rewarding journey.

Coming in from a breathtaking series of zip-lines in Copper Canyon

Any way you look at it, Authentic Moto Travels is a great choice for true adventurers.