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Jim Foreman, Owner and Operator of Authentic Moto Travels on the Rhine River

Authentic Moto Travels is a unique travel company that offers high quality full-service adventures at affordable prices.

Not everyone wants their adventure to be at a beginner’s pace.  Most travelers don’t want overpriced amenities either.  At Authentic Moto Travels, we value your skills as a rider.  We embrace your capability to handle a multi-day ride without treating you like a beginning rider.

International adventures are our specialty.  We take the guesswork out of international travel.  Authentic Moto Travels ensures you have all the necessary visas, permits, and insurance to enjoy the tour properly.  We take travelers to the popular places but also the lesser known and more authentic destinations.

Our team has an intimate familiarity with the regions traveled to.

Each destination is researched and shared in historical context as well as its modern significance.

Pricing and how it works

Authentic Moto Travels respects your abilities, sensibilities, and most importantly, your wallet.

There are two types of pricing for the adventures.  Some trips are set up as nearly-all inclusive.  As the name implies, costs for hotels, dinners, and activities are included in the price.  Riders only pay for fuel, breakfast, lunch and any additional partying. 

Other trips are PIY (Pay It Yourself) where you pay a flat trip fee. These are still full-service trips.  The difference is that you pay directly for hotels, meals, and entertainment, as you go.  On PIY trips, all group discounts and savings go directly to you because you deserve those benefits. 

Often times, travel with Authentic Moto Travels is less expensive than traveling alone. 

Coming in from a breathtaking series of zip-lines in Copper Canyon

Passengers are very welcome on all Authentic Moto Travels trips.  On ‘Nearly-All Inclusive’ tours, there is an additional fee to cover meals and activities.  On PIY (Pay It Yourself) adventures, passengers are no additional charge, because you are paying it directly, yourself.

Any way you look at it, Authentic Moto Travels is a great choice for true adventurers.

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